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Permaquip has evolved from roots lain down by two of the biggest US rail operators and consequently has a pedigree of quality and performance. For over the last 50 years, our 'no compromise' approach to the production of outstanding railroad products to meet the exacting demands of the US and UK Rail markets, has established us as an innovative leader in the field.




We do not compromise on quality. Built to last, our products will raise output and save money. Getting the job done, safely and on time is what our equipment is designed to do. And we support your company with personal service and a guaranteed warranty on all our products.

Over 50 years of history
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Our History 1960-1980

1960 - 1985

Permaquip's inception was in the UK following the innovation of the Permaquip Rail Stressor by Mr Martin in 1960. It's engineering specification was so right, plus it was built to such a superior standard, that it's still in use today. On the strength of this one product, the UK rail industry requested Permaquip to design and manufacture a series of rail carts for the national infrastructure. The Ironman was born, an advance rail lifter that solves problems when handling equipment or rail on site, another great set of products still in use today. And so the company grew. During the next few decades, Permaquip evolved, establishing itself as the leading manufacturer of rail maintenance equipment in the UK.

Our History 1985-2005

1985 - 2010

In 1985, such was Permaquip's dominance of the market, that The Harsco Corporation acquired the company to develop the existing product range, as well as establish a position in the UK market and deliver a gateway into Europe to sell Fairmont Rail Motors products to more territories. Under the guidance of the visionary engineer, Robert Newman, who was President of Harsco Track Technologies, the product range expanded to include the Fairmont Rail Motors Hy-Rail conversion for Gators, Land Rovers and Kubota road vehicles. His team also developed rail trailers and equipment to complement these vehicles, bringing to the market an entirely new way to get staff and kit to site. This innovative approach meant that Permaquip became the leading manufacturer of Hy-Rail conversions in the UK with Harsco growing the global business to new levels, becoming an established supplier to the US, UK and European rail markets.

Our History 2010-Future

2010 - Future

In 2010, seeing new opportunities within the rail sector, ARKLE Partners initiated a series of strategic acquisitions and purchased the Permaquip business from Harsco to develop further. With access to an extensive catalogue of engineering Intellectual Property within the sector, ARKLE then focused the company on developing a true global operation, with the aim of delivering the best range of products, to the best specification and with the best service, to existing and new markets around the world. Consequently, Permaquip is investing in talented people, innovative products, manufacturing systems and new partnerships across the globe, in order to deliver on its vision. Future growth, through an expanding distributor network and commitment to manufacture on all continents, means the business will have the capability to meet demand, whilst remaining your local supply partner, within the very near future.



What has defined Permaquip for over half a century, has been our commitment to deliver an exceptional customer experience, every step of the way, no matter how big or small your business is. Whether it’s new product sales, parts, servicing and maintenance or simply advice and guidance, we’ll tell you straight and stand by what we commit to.

Quality, Commitment and Honest
Communication defines us

We value business relationships and loyalty, it's how we've managed to grow and build the reputation we have. Therefore, if you buy one (or many) of our products, we want you to feel supported throughout the entire process, be part of your commercial success, so we'll strive daily to make sure your needs are satisfied…and if they're not, we want you to tell us, so we can fix that. That's our commitment to you.



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